Gifting a DNA Kit

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If you've received AncestryDNA as a gift, see Receiving AncestryDNA® as a Gift.


AncestryDNA® kits can be purchased and sent to others as a gift. If you purchase a kit as a gift, it can be shipped to you or to the gift recipient directly. Kits take about two weeks to arrive with standard shipping, and up to 3 business days with expedited shipping. An AncestryDNA kit is not connected to a specific person until after someone receives the kit and activates it using the kit’s activation code.


How to purchase: If you haven't purchased an AncestryDNA test before, click here > Order now. If have, sign in to your account > DNA tab > Buy Another Test.

Shipping AncestryDNA® to the gift recipient: When purchasing an AncestryDNA kit for another person, enter the recipient's address in the "Ship to" field in the Payment & Address section. The billing address should still be your address.

What the package will look like: The package will say AncestryDNA, so if you have the kit mailed directly to another, they'll see what it is when they get it in the mail. DNA kits cannot be sent to someone who lives outside the U.S. Your name will not appear on or in the package, so if you send a DNA kit directly to someone else and want them to know it’s from you, you’ll need to let them know you sent it.

Receipt: You’ll get a receipt by email; no receipts are included in the shipment. The person receiving AncestryDNA will not see the price or the name of the person who purchased it.

Where the recipient’s results will appear: When their results are ready, they'll appear on the test taker's Ancestry account, under the DNA tab. (If they don't already have an account, they can create one for free. They do not need a membership in order to see their results.) If they want you to be able to see their results, they can share their results with you, or even make you the manager of their test. If they share their results with you, a button will appear at the top of your DNA homepage that says View another test. For more information, see Accessing Another AncestryDNA® Test on Your Account.

TitleGifting a DNA Kit
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